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Outlook search not working on Mac? Fix it with TeamSearch!

If you’re a die-hard Apple Mac user (but working in a Microsoft world) like me, you’re no doubt delighted that pretty much all of the Office applications for MacOs are up to scratch with their Windows counterparts.  No need to run resource-hungry Windows emulators – happy days.

A recent glitch, however, has started to drive me crazy:  Search in Outlook for Mac is not working any more.

In short, the search results I get back have gone from being great to totally unreliable.   It’s a problem that has really started to impact my productivity and my sanity. “I really DID send/receive that email, I swear I did.” AM I GOING MAD??

In fact, it’s a known problem.

When I get the chance to study the fix (because our technical support department doesn’t like to touch Macs if they can help it), I’ll give it a go.

In the meantime, TeamSearch has come to the rescue.  For someone that relies heavily on the power of search (and not my own housekeeping) to find stuff, it’s a great way to drill into what you’re looking for in Outlook and other places like Teams.

It is also using indexing in the cloud, so it totally removes the spotlight (pun intended) from Mac desktop search.

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